On Food (again)

Rarely do I actually post a recipe I've concocted while eating it- but if ever there was a reason to jump online and shout from the virtual rooftops- this is it. 

I've been experimenting with different grain and vegetable combos, with lentils and beans and varying flavors and spices and have been having a lot of fun with it. And feeling great- lots of energy, fire in the belly so to speak, and full without feeling bloated or stuffed. Yay! 

I think the message here is that each of us must experiment with different types of diets and foods and figure out what is optimal for the system- our own and the ecological system that we all share. I don't believe in dogmatic nutritional systems- I do believe in paying close attention to what we eat- our input- and the impact it has on our output, and ultimately the quality of our lives. Play is key! I had to play a lot to find out what worked. And as I age and my body and brain needs change, I imagine this will be a long-term exploration. That's where I am now. And I think that's probably my "resolution" for the year if I had one- play and explore

So here you go! This one tickles the senses and fills you up nicely on a cold day. Plus, it's vegan and gluten-free, full of protein and fiber and vitamins. I imagine if you eat meat that chicken might be nice in this- but I'll never know! ;) 


Lentil-Farro Curry 

Prep time: Probably about 30 minutes give or take, assuming the farro is already cooked. I actually like to cook a big batch of grains of some sort (quinoa, farro, barley, brown or forbidden rice) along with a big batch of legumes (usually lentils, which when eaten with a good-quality grain create a more complete protein profile for those who are vegan) early in the week and then mix and match with other veggies and fats and spices. 

Makes 5-6 small (side) or 3-4 large (main) portions. 


One cup yellow lentils, rinsed and drained 

One container Imagine Foods No-Chicken Broth (you will use most or all of it)- low sodium is        okay if you're looking out for salt intake

One half small yellow onion 

One can full-fat coconut milk 

One cup cooked farro 

Two cups diced cooked sweet potatoes (I prefer the really flavorful garnet yam instead)

Spices: (you will use in balance, to taste)

Sriracha sauce (could also use cayenne- I think sriracha is more fun) 

Fresh lime juice

Maple or coconut sugar (this is optional and you will probably not need very much at all) 

Green or yellow curry paste 

Ground turmeric powder

Kosher salt 


Handful chopped fresh cilantro

Teaspoon unsweetened dried coconut 


In one large pot: 

Cook the lentils. Use one cup per two cups liquid. 

(Cook the farro, if not already done, and add to the pot.)

Add to the cooking lentils: onions, remaining broth, coconut milk, and sweet potatoes. 

(For a little thicker stew, stick with this. For a thinner soup you could add a cup or two of water.) 

Let all of this simmer, and while it does, add the spices and flavorings- a little of each at first then adding a bit more of this and that until the flavors taste balanced- not too spicy, not too sweet, not too tangy, not too salty. 

To serve, top with cilantro and coconut.