Yoga. Service. Life.

It’s all one thing. Really, there is no separation.

At one point in my life there were boxes for everything. I remember feeling so scattered! A different set of rules for every setting and occasion. So confusing!

Life for the past few years has been a process of subtraction: removing all the blocks, the patterns, the put-on identities, so that one authentic self can shine through. It’s been a wonderful, messy process but some truths have emerged. Here are a few, in the form of questions I try to ask myself:

1. The essential thing – what you need to know right now – is right there with the breath.
2. If you doubt #1, keep breathing. The essential will emerge! Pay attention.
3. Trust yourself but observe your thoughts. What are they telling you? Is it true?
4. How you do anything is how you do everything. In your life, look for the common threads, the patterns. Are they serving you? Are they serving the essential? How do you know? What would it look like to try something new?

When you forget #1-4, just start again.