“I came to Dana shortly after herniating a disc in my lower back. My goals were to improve my flexibility, balance and core strength to prevent re-injuring my back. Dana has been instrumental, not only in my recovery, but in improving my overall health. She listened to me, observed and developed a personalized plan which has improved my breathing, flexibility, posture, balance and core strength. She truly cares about her students and makes her sessions extremely enjoyable, while at the same time, very challenging. I highly recommend Dana to anyone considering yoga, from novice to expert.”  ~ C., student since August 2014

“I’ve had both group and individual instruction from Dana over the last 5 years, and she is a deeply caring, committed teacher who excels at meeting individuals just where they are, while gently and lovingly challenging them to also go deeper. When my workplace held a “30-Day Self-Care Challenge” and decided to hold weekly yoga classes for the month, Dana immediately came to mind as the obvious choice. She prepared a 4-class sequence based on the themes of awareness, grounding, centering, and orienting, with each class beautifully building on the previous classes. The level of planning she put into our sessions was phenomenal, and the joy and love with which she taught them was inspirational and contagious. We had many people new to yoga in our group, and they uniformly gave Dana rave reviews. They were so inspired, they even plan to continue a weekly group practice after work! Her work with us was a gift that keeps on giving, and I offer her my highest recommendation.” ~ R., student since 2009

“Dana is a creative and compassionate yoga instructor who customizes sessions to best engage and inspire her students. As a novice, I felt very welcome and comfortable under her tutelage and always left with a lovely sense of grace, ease and lightness that carried over to the rest of my day. I would recommend her highly.”
— Maya Smart, student


“I recently hired Dana to lead a class for a women’s business retreat. I gave her very few parameters and she was able to craft an amazing class that addressed everyone’s needs and really set the tone for the weekend.  Dana was prompt, courteous and efficient – she had arrived well before anyone else and had setup an amazing room. I didn’t have to worry about a thing! All of the attendees commented that it was the perfect way to ease into our session. The class was well paced, suited to all the participants and thoughtfully themed to the tone of the retreat. I would highly recommend hiring Dana to lead a group class anytime.”  ~ M., business owner

“I have been working with Dana for several years now. Over that period of time my flexibility and range of motion have increased dramatically! I run 5-6 days per week and Dana makes sure we stretch the muscles that are used and makes sure that I know what to do when she’s not there. I also play a lot of golf and play to a low single digit handicap. I am in my fifties and hitting the ball farther than ever. Dana worked on my balance and shoulder turn and the improvement in each is amazing. It’s not just about sports, I have become more aware of what’s good for my body. My posture is better which makes everything else feel better. Life is about choices– I chose very wisely with having Dana help take care of me. I deserve it, don’t you?”
~ B., student since February 2010

“I started working with Dana in hopes of recovering and repairing after feet surgery.  I was convinced that working with Dana would be good physical therapy, but that full recovery would never be possible.  Twelve months later I feel amazing — better than I did before my surgery, and I am so grateful that Dana gave me back this freedom in movement.  The other results I did not expect, but have to come enjoy have also amazed me.  I look forward to my weekly stretch, inward focus and self reflection, and increased flexibility in my back and shoulders.  Working with Dana has been one of the best experiences and personal indulgences that I have ever given to myself.”
~ J., student since February 2012

“It is with great joy that I write this testimonial for Dana Walters.  Dana has played major roles in 2 of my health recovery plans.  One past recovery involved a surgery, and more recently, how to integrate yoga practices for chronic fibromyalgia symptoms.  Dana is amazing.  She takes our yoga sessions very seriously and has done research in the best yoga postures for my condition.   As I am unable to attend classes she comes to my home and offers postures around my pain and capabilities for the session.  Over the past 2 months I have experienced wonderful improvements.  The practice of meditative yoga and deep breathing enables me to manage the days when the mind is overactive.  Dana has a beautiful and compassionate spirit.  Just being close to her energy feels healing.  She is good and kind and greets her clients “where they are”.   I am learning acceptance through her and it has made all the difference in my recovery.  She is a gifted yoga instructor and healer.  I highly recommend Dana for anyone who wants to enrich their lives with alignment of mind, body and soul.”
~ B., student from December 2009 – May 2010 and January 2012 – November 2012

“Dana Walters is simply amazing as a yoga instructor, meditation facilitator and as a giving and loving human being.  Dana worked with my wife for over a year and a half. My wife was diagnosed with early onset dementia and the course and nature of the disease challenges all involved in her care.  But, there always was a quick smile on my wife’s face as soon as Dana walked through the door each and every time she came to work with my her.  Dana’s patience, persistence, compassion and support made those days very special to my wife and to me.  Dana has this incredible way of working and teaching with others that brings out the best in her students.  She truly has a gift that she shares so easily and so universally.  She touched my life and my wife’s life in a special way and that has defined who she is.  She is so much more than just a ‘yoga teacher.’ ”
~ T., husband of C., student from February 2009 – November 2010

“Dana is a wonderful yoga instructor. She tailors each session to my needs using her extensive knowledge of different styles of yoga, and she frequently attends workshops to enhance that knowledge. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and more connected thanks to Dana’s skill as an instructor and her kind, compassionate demeanor.”
~ M., student since December 2008